Approach 2 to find the sum of submatrices

as the sir is explained the lecture to calculate using prefix sum i am try this in my code but not getting answer try to so had but didnt find my mistake kindly a look to my code and correct me where i am wrong i attached scrrenshots in two posts because it is not allowed to post 2 pics

Hi Dipesh,
pls send whole code or u can refer my code

how i can attach two pictures

in one doubt sir it showing new user can not attach two pics in post

i attach my remaining code in this post

i dont know exactly about this issue… what u can do is copy ur code on coding blocks ide and send link…

ok ok… i got it… just use ternary operators to check if index doesn’t go less than 0… i have updated my code

sir index too humne start hii 0 se kiya hein li lj ko and bi bj tooo negative hoo nahi sakte

yes… but li and lj 0 se start krre hai… and ans compute krte time li-1 and lj-1 bhi krre hai na… to vo negative ja skta hai… isliye check lgnana pdega…

i hope its clear now??

yes sir its clear thanks for the guidance
i need some guidance that for more practice of the covered topics how i do the things

so u can keep practising ques on hacker blocks, geeksforgeeks or leetcode…

how i rate it the doubt u solved sir

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