Apple and Oranges Puzzle

I tried to solve it but couldn’t.
So can you please explain the solution.

Pick the crate marked as “Apples and Oranges”. Since all crates are marked incorrectly and we know that for sure , you can either get an Apple or an Orange in this crate , never Apples and Oranges.

Possibility 1 : You get an Apple
So you have correctly identified the Apples crate. Two more crates remain , one marked as “Oranges” and another marked as “Apples”. One of them contains Oranges and another ones contains Apples and Oranges. Now since the crate marked as “Oranges” is incorrectly labeled , it cannot have Oranges in it. So the only choice left for it is to have Apples and Oranges. The other crate marked as “Apples” must have Oranges in it since that is the only possibility.

Possibility 2 : You get an Orange
We follow a similar procedure here. The other crates are the ones marked as “Oranges” and “Apples” and can have Apples and ‘Apples and Oranges’ in them. Since the Apples crate and never have Apples in it , it must have Apples and Oranges. The other crate marked as Oranges must have Apples in it.

Either way , we are successfully able to identify the crates with correct fruits.

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Amazing Explanation. Thanks.

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