@app.route() doubt

Why @app.route() is used? Can you give more clarity on this?

hey @Mohit2000 ,
Every url of an API is defined as a route.
Means , whenever we request on this route/url then it will return something or show something.
So , in flask , we define such url using app.route() ,
by default flask runs server on ( localhost ),
so if we do it like , app.route("/home") , then if we navigate to , it will show the output of either returning a json or preview html file , whatever we implement in the code.

I hope this helps.

I am confused! Telegram server basically tells our server program that a message has been received by the bot and I think app.route() defines the route of our server. From where API comes into picture here, please explain.

hey @Mohit2000 ,
The thing i explained above telld you the way flask works.
Telegram bot provides a kind of a API which gets connected to the flask server and responds to our requests.
You can instantiate any route of your choice , but the working of telegram to attach a webhook works on a special route and method.
Telegram bot doesn’t just tell the server that there is a message , it is not called as so , its called a request . It can be anything , a reply , a status , etc. not just a message.

So, when send any message using telegram bot , the server receives our request , transfer it to telegram , gathers response and respond accordingly.
Telegram uses these different routes to gather some information needed to respond to our request.

I hope this helps.

why f is used while defining route f’/{TOKEN}’

hey @Mohit2000 ,
there are multiple methods in python to format a string.
this is one of such.
the same way we do string.format.
similarly we just add an f at starting and we then put the variable inside curly braces as shown above , to make it work.

Ports currently supported for webhook by flask are : 443,80,88,8443. So the default url on which flask server runs is of no use here?

no it is not as such.
You can use any port , until it is being in currently use by any other application.
and also use the same port to run ngrok server , so that it can listen to its requests.

Can you explain what is actually meant by a port?

Port is like a point where multiple things can connect and work together.
So , like here we run our flask on port 8443 and also asks ngrok to listen on the same port , so that we can get the reponses of our requests made by flask and telegram.

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telegram.error.BadRequest: Bad webhook: failed to resolve host: name or service not known

this error is popping, don’t know what to do

hey @Vishal1072 ,
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