App not showing contents

SIr, When I press launch app option the app launches sucessfully but it does not show any content. Screen remains blank. I am running app on physical device.

Please help as I am not able to implement features practically

How can I send you the code written in anroid studio

Please help sir, I am not able to use the features practically

@karan_02 is this the same when you run the initial project (hello world)?

No sir it is working for hello world program. I have also made other apps which are running but this specific app is not showing contents after being sucessfully launched

This is the build.grafle file of the project

Can you share your code (github repo)
I’m unable to figure it out without any context

Sir I have sent the github link

I’m unable to open it can you recheck it

Sir Please check now

I meant the whole app code
so I can build it locally