A test case is not passing?

in this code there is a function named as height() and it is not giving correct output for this testcase

1 3 2 5 4 6 7 9 8 11 13 12 10 15 14

hello @we_kaash

your code is not compiling.

btw is it giving height 1 less than expected height?

i want to compute height of tree without including the root node…thats why i build it in that way but only one test case is not passing i’ve sent it to you already…
and this question is from some other platform if you ask i can send you the link :sweat_smile:

yeah pls share the link and the code that u r submitting over there .
it will help me im debugging

int height(Node* root) {

    return 0;
    static int l=0;
    static int r=0;
    return max(l,r);

hello sir there was no response?

your logic is incorrect.

just check this ->

since lefft occured only once, final l will be 1, and final r will be 2

but clearly answer is 3.

simply incrementing  l or r wont work

but sir, the binary tree you made is having height 3( not including the root node as per question’s requirement)

check now…
made correctiom

sir i think you have to provide me the link

link of what ?

sorry sir,i thought you made the changes in the code i didnt knew that you can even make changes in the sent messages

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