A beginner's guide to the Best NFT trading platform

Dancers now have the opportunity to monetize their grooves. Groovetime is considered to be the best NFT trading platform for dancers.

  • Groovetime, an NFT marketplace focusing on dance is aiming to teach dance through motion tracking and AI technology.
  • It also helps dancers monetize their moves. Groovetime aims to expand the learning experience by creating the first-of-its-kind gamified marketplace platform that will let dancers around the world create, trade, and own their own moves through NFTs.
  • The resale of these NFTs is said to generate 10% royalties for the original creator. Fans get an opportunity to own and treasure the ‘showcases’ from their favorite dancers. The NFT holders get access to some cool perks such as VIP tutorial sessions, invitations by the creator to vote on songs that they should work on for their next NFTs, and also merchandise.