1st testcase failing

I can’t find an error in the logic but the 1st testcase is failing.
Code: https://ide.codingblocks.com/s/644666

hi @mitrapranav0027_5d705c8b616e0add
ur code seems fine only… there may be any technical glitch, that’s why ur code is not passing all test cases…

It’s still failing the 1st testcase. Will that be fixed soon?

hi @mitrapranav0027_5d705c8b616e0add

try this code once if it passes all test cases or not…

Yes this worked. But if I were to attempt this question in a test would my initial code be a problem?

hi @mitrapranav0027_5d705c8b616e0add
actually what problem in ur code was u fixed the size of 2d array to 100 x 100, while in ques it is mentioned that total elements in arrays can be 10,000. so array size can be 1000x10 or 10x1000 also… so rectify that ur code should work fine…

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