Subtree Of Another Tree Leetcode

inorder array is not accepting char even after typecasting

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Hey @Bhawna
Your code is working without any compilation error on my side,please elaborate your doubt :slight_smile:

Getting wrong answer using same code

Hey @Bhawna
Updated this
But this will only work when nums are between 0-9 but this is not the case here,so u have to take strings instead and solve it using strings instead of char array

convert ever digit of the number to char and then insert it into char array
for -54 insert - then 5 then 4
its much complex in char array

pre[i]=root->val+‘0’; //Updated this

     pre[i++]='L'; //added this


     pre[i++]='R';//added this


I didn’t understand above clearly

This is converting an integer digit to char digit

Whenever we go left sub node we add L to our array

Similarly for R

otherwise say

this and 
will have same array

After handling Negative Integers ,I got AC…Thanks

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