Question on 2d matrix

Given a 2D matrix consisting of 'o’s and ‘x’, we need to calculate the shortest path to reach from any x in the first row to any x in the last row. It is possible to travel in all 8 directions. There may be more than one number of x’s in the first and last row. Print -1 if it’s not possible to reach any of the x’s in the last row.


eg. o o x
x x o
x o o

O/P- 2

How to approach this problem?

Hey @nidhigupta847
Please share link yo the question :slight_smile:

Actually it was a private contest so I cant share the link of the question. Sorry. But I remember the question quite well.

Okay so what ai can think of is its a simple BFS question
Just push all the 1st row elements which have x as i,j,1 in queue
And then keep popping from queu and keep adding unvisited x’s in its neighbor until u reach a x which is having i==n

Complexity will be O(n^2) in terms of both space and time

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