Prbl with code explanation

Jis subarray ki sum maximum hai uss subarray ko print kar rhe hai by taking two variables left,right= -1… -1 se initialised kyu kiye hai…Aur fir if(cs>maxsum){
maxsum=currsum;left=i;right=j)…is condition loop me phir left=i and right=j kyu kiya gaya hai…

hello @rishabhkumargupta97 here we are updating the left pointer and the right pointer .
in the initial stage you are just declaring the left and right with -1 there is no logic behind that .
and at the end where you are doing left =i and right=j only if we found any subarray with large subarray sum value then we will update the value of left and right .
we are updating this because we have to print the subarray as well whose sum is maximum .
and by updating the left and right pointer of the array we can print the subarray which is producing maximum subarray sum .
if you still have any doubt you can ask here .
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sir,one more thing…if i posted a doubt and just after doubt posted it shows that mark as resolved with green sign…so,how to reopen a doubt

once you will mark the doubt as resolved then the option will be changes to reopen the doubt .
you can try this now by doing so .
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