Please suggest the oop based model for this problem statement

please suggest the oop based model for this problem statement
A recruiter has decided to take interviews of n attendees with the help of m interviewers at a venue which has r rooms. Each interview takes exactly 2 hours. A day starts from 9:00 am
and ends at 6:00pm with a break from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Design this system to produce the schedule of the interviews to be taken and also display if some of the interviews cannot be

Eg. Input

Attendees: 5
Interviewers: 3(A, B, C)
Rooms: 2


Attendee interviewer room slot

1 A R1 9-11
2 B R2 9-11
3 C R1 11-1
4 B R2 11-1
5 A R1 3-5

@nmaurya760 hey look at this article

It only consists of types of models…I have already seen it before

Please respond its a bit urgent

I can’t understand about which model you are talking here. Are you talking about schema or how to form database. Elaborate your question.

We have to write a program using classes and objects for that problem statement please refer to the test case as given before

Can’t understand and solve your question. It is not in dsa course as well as not in the problem set. If i am missing something, send me the link of this problem. I will try it there

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