My code is showing timeout error

Gfg ide:-
this is the link for code

hello @manikjindal49
the solution is correct. but becuase the solution is recursive it has exponential time complexity .

so to improve the time complexity use dynamic programming

i have changed my code please check as it is showing ssame termination

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do u need any help

ihave shred another code link using dynamic prograaming with you as it is showing same error but i donot now why it is showing your post was flagged

yeah , pls share it again

ur code is working fine on my side, pls refresh the tab and try again

No bro its not working i have refreshed the tab even after that it is showing the runtime error

i have already share the screenshot of submission it is working fine.

btw where r u submitting?

Bhai i also have screenshot but i donot know how to share that here

. … … …

i am submitting in dynamic programming course only in coding blocks ide

there is no issue from my side.

pls report ur issue to