About byte array and "wb" mode of writing in file

what is the meaning of byte array and could not understand binary mode.

Hello @i.m.anand_31, this means writing the file in the binary mode. So suppose if we have an image or a video or any other binary object, then we use ‘wb’ to write the data into the system. It is different from normal text data.
And you can also refer this for more understanding https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2665866/what-does-wb-mean-in-this-code-using-python

so binary file is written in binary no. form? And what about byte array?

Yes, file in the form of binary nos. or binary arrays. Such as if we save any image in RGB format so it gets converted into the diff arrays of their hex code and then converting it to the byte value.
And byte array is the array containing 1 and 0.
Eventually, everything in the system is stored in the binary form.

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