Split Large PST file into a Small Manageable PST File

Split PST Tool is such a unique tool at this time. You can split your file in any size and in any folder. It allows to you split PST files particularly according to size, date, and account. Split large PST files into small manageable parts without damaging data.

If you are looking for a solution to split oversized Outlook PST files, you can simply download the best Split Outlook PST Tool. The software successfully splits large PST files and divides them into different smaller parts. With this application, you can split any large PST file based on Size, Folder, and Year in a matter of minutes. The software keeps the data hierarchy intact while performing the split task. If you want to evaluate the working of the software, you can download its free demo version.

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If you are searching for a solution to Split a Large PST file into a Small Manageable PST File, you can simply download the professional Outlook PST File Splitter Tool. This tool splits your MS Outlook PST file by year, date, folder, size or email id, and category into smaller files without any modification.

MacSonik PST splitter tool for Mac is advanced software that splits oversized PST files hassle-free. It helps to split both password-protected and non-password-protected PST files easily. The PST splitter tool removes any similar emails from the splitting process of the selected PST files. Moreover, it allows users to split the PST files as per the desired size.

Follow the below steps to split oversized PST files.

  1. Launch the PST splitter tool.
  2. Click on Add file and add the PST files.
  3. Select the desired splitting criteria.
  4. Tap on split to start the splitting process.

I would advise you to try MailsDaddy Split PST tool to effectively break the large-sized PST file into small parts using different parameter like Date, Email, Size, & folder. This application easily split the corrupted and damaged PST files without any hurdle. The tool is well supported by all versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS.

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PST Splitter is an exclusive and efficient utility to split large PST files into smaller and more manageable Outlook PST files. It provides you with multiple splitting options of PST files based on size, date, sender’s email ID, and folders. Software is enhanced with unique features to break PST file size in a more accurate and precise manner.

A smart solution to cut PST files into smaller parts with PST Split Tool. One can easily cut PST files by size, folder and year with this application and can create multiple PST files with one big PST file. No Outlook configuration is required to shred PST files with this application. Utility provides the desired reduction target. The Professional edition can install and configure on multiple systems, while the Personal edition can install on two systems. It cuts in PST without losing quality. Available versions- Personal, Commercial. No advanced technical steps are required to shred PST file. It is a lightweight application that users can run on their systems without installing MS Outlook. This tool is completely virus free.

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If anyone looking for a solution to break the large-sized PST data then I would like to suggest you use Mac Split PST Tool. It is an independent service that simply split the oversized Outlook PST files without installation or configuration of MS Outlook. It quickly segments the Outlook PST file according to date, size, year, and folder. The demo version of the Split PST tool helps to break the first few items from each mailbox. This software breaks the PST file in both ANSI and UNICODE format. This software support all Mac OS versions. Download the free demo version of the software.

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Try DRS PST Splitter Tool for the best and reliable solution, it can divide large PST files into small multiple files based on size, folder, date, and sender. You can break or divide multiple files at once and it maintains data integrity. This advanced utility stored so many features itself that are the reason to split PST files into multiple files without any file corruption. A free trial version is also available to know its features.

The Split PST Application is a sophisticated tool that users may use to protect their files against damage due to over sizing. By Date, Size, Mail ID, Folder, and other factors, this utility effectively divides PST into smaller chunks. After splitting, the utility also preserves the structure of the original PST file. The software works with every version of Microsoft Outlook as well as Windows 1, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000. This is helpful if you wish to back up or archive some of your email data or if your PST file has gotten too big to manage. With this tool, you may quickly divide a big PST file into smaller, easier-to-manage portions. To find out more about the software, use the free demo version.

You can use the Split PST Tool to split a large PST file into a smaller manageable PST file. This application is the most secure and by using this users can save time also. The primary solution of this application is to use Splitter PST to split huge Outlook PST files into many little Outlook PST files.