Smart keypad advanced

The question is not clear, please elaborate. Please explain the example too in detail.

suppose the input is 26
on keypad no. 2 : “abc” is present
and similarly keypad no. 6 : “def”

so if u are given 26 as the input u can produce a, b or c by the keypad no. 2
and d, e or f by keypad no. 6

so if any of the combination (ad, ae, af, bd, be, bf, cd, ce, cf ) which is produced by keypad is present is the given array then print that string.

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please explain the sample test case for 34 which is giving vidhi,divyam, sneha

sorry sorry
6 pe def nahi balki jkl hoga

input 23 hoga instead of 26

on keypad 3 we have: "def’
n on 4: “ghi”
so the possible combn allowed : dg,dh, di, eg ,eh, ei fg, fh, fi
vidhi is becoz of dh
divyam - di
sneha- eh

so u have to generate all the possible combn of alphabets by given keypad sequence
and that combn is present in the work
just print that word

hope this will help u
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