Received messages are not visible

There are several issues with the app. Received messages are not visible even though they are inflated. Because of this issue, liking a message is not possible.
And, realtime chatting is not happening. One of the devices restarts when we try to do so.

And, logcat is not showing any error.

were you able to receive the messages earlier (before the like message feature)


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@Apoorv4123 can you mention the instructions I need to follow to reproduce this behaviour
and whats the test mobile number and its verification code

I reinstalled the app.
The activity restart is not happening rn
Received messages are not visible. And since received messages are not visible, we cannot like messages.

I’ve sent you 3 messages on the app, are they visible?

I’m using “demo Account” user on my device.

Opening the messages crashes the apps is that the issue?

No, the app is not crashing
Just the messages are only being sent
The messages received are not visible

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the isssue is you are using a wrong xml

update the text and date in the when (getItemViewType(position))


contentRcv.text = item.msg
timeRcv.text = item.sentAt.formatAsTime()


content.text = item.msg
time.text = item.sentAt.formatAsTime()

after removing ChatAdapter.kt#L49-L50

Let me know if there is any issue here

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