Fast and Reliable Solutions to Add Hotmail Account to Outlook 365

Are you wondering how to migrate Hotmail to Office 365? If yes, then you use the Cigati Hotmail Backup Tool which is an advanced utility that will allow you to backup or migrate your Hotmail emails to other email clients such as Office 365, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. With the help of this utility, users can also save their emails into multiple file formats such as PST, MSG, PDF, IMAP, TXT, etc.

However, in case you want some manual solutions regarding this issue, then you can go through this informative article that explains the in-depth guide of the manual method to add Hotmail account to Outlook 365. This manual process is divided into four stages which are mentioned below:

Stage 1: Add Hotmail Account to Outlook(Desktop-based)
Stage 2: Create PST of Hotmail Mailbox
Stage 3: Configure Office 365 Account to Outlook(Desktop-based)
Stage 4: Import the Created PST file of Hotmail Mailbox to Office 365

You can use this method but remember that the manual approach has some limitations that induce the demand for using the professional software approach. Also, the software approach maintains the original folder hierarchy and keeps the data secure throughout the migration process.

I have also gone through an informative article that discusses the process of how to migrate Hotmail to Office 365 accounts. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to manually perform this task. However, the process can be time-consuming and difficult with the manual approach.

The manual process includes the following steps:

  1. Configuring Hotmail in Outlook.
  2. Exporting a PST file from MS Outlook.
  3. Setting up an Office 365 admin account in MS Outlook.
  4. Importing the Hotmail emails (exported as PST) to Office 365.

The article also introduces you to a direct approach that ensures maintaining data security. Using the advanced Hotmail Backup Software, you can easily accomplish this task by keeping the files in their original hierarchy.