How can we increase this score?

I have tries smaller alpha with no considerable increase in r2 score…

hey @lintasheelkumar ,
There are many things that you can work upon in order to increase your score.

  1. Feature Engineering
    This plays a very big role . As this might find a helpful relation between multiple features , which might not be found by our model, but is a useful one.
    So , in this way your model can easily relate and find weights that are more better for predictions.

  2. Selecting model
    You can try tree models , like decision tree , random forest , etc.

  3. Hyper parameter Tuning
    Tuning the parameters of the general model , to make it more specific to the current data so that we can much better results.

  4. Ensembling.
    Training multiple models , getting there predictions on the test data and then averaging them all, Making it more general and increasing performance.

I hope this points help you :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for the list!

It feels really good that this could be some help to you.

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Thank You and Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:.